Wood flamed Almond Butter

Wood flamed Almond Butter


This almond butter is a blend of hand roasted almond with wood fire, which gives our unique taste and aroma of Wood Flamed Almond. This is definitely a perfect protein -packed snack and goes well with a slice of bread or toast!

Lightly salted with himalayan pink salt.

Free from added sugar.

100% natural with no added preservatives.


Suitable for vegetarian/vegan

  • Storage and Usage

    Store in refrigerating condition under 4 degree Celcius.

    Shelf-life: 180 days

    Perfect to spread on bread and toast

  • Nutrition benefits

    Almonds contain a good level of monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, which are both considered in research as the heart-healthy nutrients. It is able to lower the LDL, known as bad cholesterol level in our body.

    Almonds are also rich in Magnesium which is vital for healthy bones, working in conjunction with Calcium.