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We give nutrition talks to Corporates and Public Events, to promote employee wellness and speak on the latest science and trends on various nutrition topics. 

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WhatsApp at +852 97082233

Corporate Nutrition Talks and Workshops

Our Speaker
Ms. Kennie Siu

  • UK Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) 

  • MSc Food Safety & Toxicology at HKU

  • UK Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner Professional Diploma 

  • Lecturer at the Tung Wah College

  • Previously employed by the UK Food Standards Agency (Government) and led on Nutrition and Regulatory Strategies in other Food MNCs 

Corporate Talks

H&H Group

7th Jun, 2022

Starbucks Asia Pacific 

22nd July, 2021


Public Forum

​Vegetarian Food Asia 2022

11th Jun, 2022

Natural & Organic Asia Academy

8th Sept, 2021

Nutrition Workshop

Nutrition Workshop at The Farmhouse

May, 2022

One-day Wellness Retreat x Happy kid-ult yoga

Nov, 2021

Enzyme Nutrition Workshop

Aug, 2021

Enzyme Nutrition Detox & Rejuvenation Retreat

24th Feb, 2021

Online Seminars

Post-COVID-19 dietary advice

26th Apr, 2022

How to boost your immunity to fight against Covid 19?

22nd Feb, 2022

The medical treatment and dietary management of metabolic syndrome

2nd Nov, 2021

Gut is our second brain - how to eat to get slim

2nd Mar, 2022

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