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Pasta Natura Organic Gluten-free Red Lentils Pasta (Fusilli)

Pasta Natura Organic Gluten-free Red Lentils Pasta (Fusilli)


PASTA NATURA'S red lentils flour pasta has a beautiful colour between orange and red. It will surely attract children's attention, so you can prepare for them a nutritious and healthy first course, with a balanced nutritional intake. 

Suitable for:
Gluten allergy, Vegan, Celiac people

  • Nutritional Benefits

    -Red lentil contains plenty of protein which is necessary for children's growth and for anybody participating in sports who need a greater daily protein intake.

    - Red lentil flour pasta is high in fiber, it's easy to digest and aids in the proper working of the gut.

    -Red lentils is said to reduce cholesterol levels and promote a healthy blood circulation system for your body.

    Good source of:
    Proteins and fibres 

  • Storage and Usage

    Avoid direct sunlight/humidity, keep in a cool place.

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