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Santiveri Organic Vegan Cakes with Spelt and Lentil

Santiveri Organic Vegan Cakes with Spelt and Lentil


Santiveri cake is organic food with the EU organic certification that is suitable for people who have health concerns. The ingredients are Organic Spelt and Lentil which is low sugar, high protein nutrients and extra virgin Olive oil.


Suitable for:

Vegan, High cholesterol

  • Storage and Usage

    Avoid direct sunlight/humidity, keep in a cool place.

  • Nutritional Benefits

    - Santiveri Cake is rich in protein that provides by lentils, which are important to your health. Your body needs protein to function your body system every day and to maintain your muscle mass.

    - The fibre in the Spelt and Quinoa Cake helps control your weight because fibre can helps you feel full.

    - The olive oil used is rich in monounsaturated fat that can help in reducing inflammation and the risk of heart diseases.

    Good sources of:

    Carbohydrates, protein and monounsaturated fat

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