Our Story

Bringing out the best of our Nature

Located ourselves in Pui O on Lantau island, we grow seasonal crops and farm local goats for more than 10 years. Pui O is one of the few best preserved nature in Hong Kong. The beautiful natural habitat is still home to our water buffalo and many other wild lives. We embrace the power of our Nature, and throughout the decade, we aim to bringing the best out of our community. We believe the Nature has an amazing power to heal - Nourish yourself, Go natural!

Taking advantage of our local fresh produce, Natural Plus was started in September 2020 with the goal to nourish with the right nutritional science. We believe any perfect natural remedy for our clients should be science based! The Nutritionist-led Team Natural Plus studied how nutrients in our natural fruit and vegetables could be unlocked through the fermentation process, and more importantly making these handcrafted nourishing foods and drinks a daily pleasure and enjoyment.

Natural Plus emphasizes the core values of the 3Ps – Professional service, Premium product and Personalised solution.

We are very proud of what we serve! Natural, Nourishing and Delicious!


Ms. Kennie Siu, the Co-founder of Natural Plus, is a Nutrition and Food Scientist from the UK and she further attained her postgraduate on MSc Food Safety and Toxicology at the University of Hong Kong. Taking time out from her entrepreneurial life, she is now also the lead Lecturer at the Tung Wah College, giving lectures to undergraduates students on Nutrition, Food and Disease in Global Perspective, and also Weight Management – East Meets West.

More than 10 previous years, she has spent time in the UK supporting Government work on consumer food policy & public health, later she has also led on various Nutrition and Regulatory programme in multi-national corporations, including Kellogg's, Starbucks and McDonald's, focusing on the Asia Pacific region.