Our Story

Bringing out the best of our Nature

Located ourselves in Pui O on Lantau island, we grow seasonal crops and farm local goats for more than 10 years. Pui O is one of the few best preserved nature in Hong Kong. The beautiful natural habitat is still home to our water buffalo and many other wild lives. We embrace the power of our Nature, and throughout the decade, we aim to bringing the best out of our community. We believe the Nature has an amazing power to heal - Nourish yourself, Go natural!

Taking advantage of our local fresh produce, we started serving the most sustainable and healthy cuisine to our community at our Garden Cafe at Pui O. Our Green Monday buffet attracts customers from all around Hong Kong!

We are very proud of what we serve here! We want to take them beyond Lantau!


We understand any perfect natural remedy for our customers should be based on nutritional science. Our Co-founder, Ms Kennie Siu, is a Nutrition and Food Scientist from the UK and she further attained her postgraduate on MSc Food Safety and Toxicology in the University of Hong Kong. She was previously employed by the Food Standards Agency (Government agency in the UK), and has also led on various Nutrition and Regulatory programme in multi-national corporations, including Kellogg's, Starbucks and McDonald's