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Five Benefits of Enzyme Nutrition 酵素營養的五大好處

Enzyme Nutrition refers to plant-based functional foods and drinks fermented by beneficial bacteria. Traditionally, these foods and drinks involve yoghurt, kimchi, tempeh, sauerkraut, kombucha and sourdough bread. In the recent years, fermented fruit and veg beverages a.k.a. Enzyme Drinks gained publicity in Taiwan and Mainland China. You might be more familiar with Enzyme encapsulated in pills or powder form from Japan. Here, we refer to the freshly fermented fruits and veg beverages.

酵素營養是指由益生菌發酵而成的植物性功能性食物和飲品。 傳統上,這些食物和飲品包括酸奶、泡菜、天貝、酸菜、康普茶和酸種麵包。 近年來,發酵蔬果飲品,又名酵素飲品,在台灣和中國大陸開始興起。 您可能對日本的酵素丸、酵素粉加工品有所聽聞。 在這裡,我想分享的是鮮釀蔬果酵素。

Current research has revealed that these fermented fruit and veg beverages contain abundant nutrients and bioactive compounds, such as minerals, amino acids, polyphenols, organic acids and polysaccharides (Dai J et. al, 2020). Over many decades, nutrition scientists have found many health benefits that correlate with fermented foods and drinks, starting from gastrointestinal health (Dimidi E et. al, 2019).

最近的科研表示,這些發酵蔬果飲品含有豐富的營養物質和生物活性化合物,如礦物質、氨基酸、多酚、有機酸和多醣 (Dai J et. al, 2020). 幾十年來,營養科學家發現了許多與發酵食物和飲品相關的健康益處,均從腸道健康開始 (Dimidi E et. al, 2019).

Categorically, I have summarised these into Five Benefits of Enzyme Nutrition. 我將這些綜合成酵素營養的五大好處。

Gut Health 腸胃健康

Our gut is our second brain, your health starts from your gut! By fermenting your plant-based foods and drinks, it increases the number of good bacteria in your gut. Digestive enzymes in these plant-based foods break down complex nutrients for better absorption, at the same time reduce the fermentable carbs (a.k.a. FODMAP) that helps with those who suffers with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). What's more - these plant-based fermented foods and drinks are excellent source of prebiotics and essential vitamins for your gut health!

腸胃是我們的第二大腦,想身體好,先要護好你的腸胃! 通過發酵植物性食物和飲品,可以增加腸道中益生菌的數量。 這些植物性食物中的消化酵素分解複雜的營養素以更好地吸收,同時減少可發酵碳水化合物(又名 FODMAP),這對腸易激綜合徵 (IBS) 患者有幫助。 更重要的是 - 這些植物性發酵食物和飲品,是益生元和腸道健康必需維生素的極好來源!

Weight Loss 體重減輕

Pineapple Enzyme - it is well-known for its amazing power on weight loss! It works by enhancing your metabolism and accelerating fat burning. While it works on getting rid of your toxins and waste out of your body system more efficiently, it also provides you with the essential nutrients during your weight loss journey.

菠蘿酵素 - 擁有超強瘦身功效,大家應該一啲都唔陌生!它可以提高你的新陳代謝和加速脂肪燃燒。 它不僅可以更有效地排出身體內的毒素和廢物,它還為您在減肥的同時補充您的必需營養素

Skin Health 皮膚健康

Whenever it comes to the change of seasons, our sensitive skin becomes very vulnerable! Stop your eczema from coming back, by nourishing your yourself with these amazing fermented foods and drinks. They work their magic by enhancing the activity of the antioxidants. As these plant-based antioxidants become more bioactive, they are more effective in protecting your skin from oxidative stress. In addition to better absorption of simpler digestible nutrients, and more effective detox, a natural glowing skin is certainly within your reach!

每逢到換季的時候,敏感肌🪞濕疹的煩惱又返嚟,要改善皮膚問題,要從根源改善腸胃著手!酵素營養可以增強抗氧化的活性。隨著這些植物性抗氧物加強活性,它們可以更有效提升抗氧效果。 加上肌膚能更好地吸收營養素和更有效的排毒,容光煥發的肌膚肯定隨手可得!

Blood Glucose/ Cholesterol management 三高控制

Speaking of the concern of the "Three Highs" (high blood glucose, high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure, a.k.a. metabolic syndrome in medical terms), there's always one or two family members or friends who are concerning, if not your own self. Fermented Bitter melon juice is far more effective than non-fermented Bitter melon juice on lowering fasting and postprandial blood glucose (Hartajanie et al., 2020). The fermentation process generates peptides that metabolise glucose more efficiently. On the other hand, it also produces polyamines which are protective to our blood vessels, by digesting and removing those "bad" cholesterol.

講到三高的煩惱,你身邊總會認識一兩位家人或朋友,又或者自己已經有這個困擾!發酵苦瓜汁,在降低空腹和餐後血糖指數,比未發酵的苦瓜汁更加有效(Hartajanie et al., 2020)。發酵過程產生的肽可以更有效地代謝糖。 另一方面,它還產生多胺,通過消化和去除那些“壞”膽固醇,保護我們的血管健康。

Boost Immunity 提高免疫力

Ever since Covid, do you realise how we are prioritizing health much higher on our list? My realization - the best happiness in the world is having a healthy-self and a healthy-family! Don’t you agree? As a probiotics powerhouse, most fermented foods contain at least 1,000,000 microbial cells per gram. They compete with the pathogens to protect our health. The peptides and polyamines derived from fermentation are protective to our immune systems, stimulating the production of immune cells and enhancing our body metabolism.

自從Covid 以來,大家係咪開始將健康放在更重要的位置呢?世界上最大的幸福,就是擁有一個健康的自己和一個健康的家庭! 你同意嗎?作為益生菌工廠,大多數發酵食品每克至少含有 1,000,000 個微生物細胞。 它們與壞菌競爭以保護我們的健康。發酵所產生的多肽和多胺保護我們的免疫系統,刺激免疫細胞的產生並增強我們身體的新陳代謝。

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Hartajanie L, Fatimah-Muis S, Heri-Nugroho Hs K, Riwanto I, Sulchan M. Probiotics Fermented Bitter Melon Juice as Promising Complementary Agent for Diabetes Type 2: Study on Animal Model. J Nutr Metab. 2020;2020:6369873. Published 2020 Feb 28. doi:10.1155/2020/6369873


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