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Fermented Fruit and Veg Enzyme Drinks - a healthier aperitif alternative 蔬菜酵素飲品-選擇健康的餐前飲品

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

With the pandemic in this year, we're dining out a lot less and hosting families and close friends at home instead. Serving an aperitif before dinner is a courtesy to guests but it also serves a purpose - the drink prepares our stomach for food and our palate for the delicious tastes it is about to enjoy. Having a glass of naturally fermented fruit and vegetable Enzyme Drink is the perfect aperitif alternative which does not just taste good, refreshing and sparkling like a champagne, but also provides the probiotics and the digestive enzymes from the fruits and veg which aids better digestion and absorption of the food to be served at the dining table.

Next time when you look for drinks and aperitifs to serve your guests, choose a natural, healthier alternative!

今年,在疫情下,我們外出就餐減少了很多,相反在家裡接待家人和密友多了。 晚餐前為客人提供 aperitif 餐前酒是一種招待,但事實上也有其目的-餐前飲品為我們開胃準備進餐,為我們的味蕾準備將要享受的美味。 一杯天然發酵的蔬果酵素飲品是完美的餐前飲品,它不僅有清新的口感,又如香檳般帶著香醇的氣泡,而且還提供蔬果酵素和益生菌,有助於更好地消化和吸收餐桌上的美



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