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發酵食品 - 最天然的益生菌來源 Fermented foods - the most natural source of probiotics

I came to read this article yesterday and immediately want to share with you. A very well-explained piece on Probiotics from Harvard Medical School, highlighting the most natural source of probiotics comes from fermentation of foods!

昨天,閱讀了這篇非常好的文章,立即就想與您們分享。 哈佛醫學院發表了關於益生菌的一篇文章,強調了益生菌最天然的來源是發酵食物!

'Fermented foods are the most natural source. Probiotic supplements, which are typically sold over the counter, are reserved to treat specific ailments as suggested by your doctor, and not recommended for everyday use. Plus, supplements do not have the same FDA oversight as medications do.'

'Foods that are fermented go through a process of lactofermentation in which natural bacteria feed on the sugar and starch in the food, creating lactic acid. This process creates an environment that preserves the food and promotes beneficial enzymes, B vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as various species of good bacteria.'


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