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瘦身的三個成功關鍵 The 3 Keys to the Dream Body that you should know




您吃什麼身體會變成什麼!減肥,三分靠運動,七分靠飲食。保持健康的腸道即是保持腸道益生菌的平衡。發酵的蔬果酵素飲品可為您提供益生菌 (probiotics),令腸道愉快!益生元(prebiotics),例如富含膳食纖維的食物,則是供應我們腸道益生菌的燃料,使它們快樂有活力!



The 3 Keys to the Dream Body that you should know

1) Patience

We all have a body regulatory system for survival and it works the same to maintain our usual body weight. By challenging our bodies with weight loss pills (i.e. laxatives) or forcing yourself to starve, our body defence mechanism is then switched on and hence you find your body weight eventually bounces back. The key is to take the time and be Patience. We need to talk to our body and adjust our regulatory system one step at a time.

2) The Right Approach

You are what you eat! A Healthy Diet contributes more than two-third to your weight loss target, and the remaining one-third is exercise. Maintaining a healthy gut means keeping a good balance of your gut microbiome. Probiotics from the fermented fruit and veg Enzyme Drinks can give you the good microbes to keep your gut happy. Prebiotics like food that are rich in dietary fibre are the fuel to our good microbes to keep them happily ever after!

3) Perseverance

I know it’s easy to say than done! One thing however important to know is that body weight is NOT be your measurement of success in the first 3-4 weeks of your diet program. Your focus should be put on increasing your metabolic rate to burn your body fats with the right dietary approach. Please do not give up because you’re on the right track!


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