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Healthy eating means the same to you, as a Diabetic 健康飲食對糖尿病的您意義相同

My father was diagnosed as Type II diabetes more than 10 years ago. My family has a history of diabetes, which means I am also susceptible. Among my clients, a quarter of them are also diabetes. My connection with diabetes is close enough, as you could imagine!

The word 'Diabetes' although has become more commonly heard nowadays, many people are fearful when they are confirmed being one of them. Certainly, none of us wants to become diabetes and for those who are considered as pre-diabetes, they should really start eating healthy, if they are not already doing so. The point I want to stress however, is that Healthy eating means the same to you, whether you're a Diabetic, a Pre-diabetic or an absolutely Healthy individual!


儘管“糖尿病”一詞在現今已經是越來越普遍,但許多人在被確認為糖尿病人時都會覺得恐懼。 當然,我們都不想成為糖尿病人,對於那些被認為是糖尿病前期的人,我們更應該真正開始健康飲食。在這裡,我想強調的一點是,無論您是糖尿病患者,糖尿病前期的,還是健康的人,健康飲食對您意義都是相同的!

Diabetes can be well managed and nothing really needs to be fearful. The key is as simple as Healthy eating centered on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes (peas and beans), and low-fat dairy products. Choosing whole grains over refined carbs is one of the most important diet strategies, as they provide more nutrition per calorie and are generally higher in fibre, which means that your body digests them more slowly, avoiding sharp spikes in blood sugar and curbing blood triglycerides.

糖尿病可以控制得好好,就沒有什麼真正令人恐懼的。 關鍵很簡單,就在於健康飲食,以水果,蔬菜,全穀類,豆類和低脂乳製品為中心的健康飲食。 選擇全穀物而不是精製碳水化合物是最重要的健康飲食策略之一,因為全穀物每卡路里提供更多的營養,並且纖維含量更高,這意味著您的身體消化速度減慢,避免了血糖急劇上升,同時抑制血液中的三酸甘油酯

Fibre comes in two forms: insoluble fibre acts like a sponge that swells in your gut with water, and speeds up detox. Soluble fibre, on the other hand, improve insulin sensitivity and sop up your blood cholesterol too. Insoluble fibre is commonly found in whole wheat, brown rice and various vegetables, while Soluble fibre are more commonly found in oats, beans, psyllium seeds and various citrus fruits.

膳食纖維有兩種:不溶性膳食纖維就像海綿一樣,會在腸道中吸水膨脹,加速排毒。 另一種,可溶性膳食纖維可提高胰島素敏感性,並吸收血液中的膽固醇。 不溶性膳食纖維常見於全麥,糙米和各種蔬菜中,而可溶性膳食纖維就常見於燕麥,豆類,車前子和各種水果中。

Bitter melon, is well-known for its antidiabetic effects. What you probably don't know - Fermented Bitter melon juice is far better than non-fermented Bitter melon juice on lowering fasting and postprandial blood glucose, accordingly to a study conducted on animal models published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism (Hartajanie et al., 2020). The effect is attributed to the higher content of antioxidants in the Fermented Bitter melon juice, produced by the lactic acid bacteria (a.k.a probiotics).

苦瓜,大家都認識其穩定血糖的作用。 但您不認識的是 - 發酵苦瓜汁,在降低空腹和餐後血糖指數,比未發酵的苦瓜汁更加有效,這是根據一項在《營養與代謝雜誌》上發表的動物研究上的結論(Hartajanie et al., 2020)。 該降低血糖的更有效性歸因於乳酸菌(也稱為益生菌)在發酵苦瓜汁中所產生的抗氧化物,比未發酵的苦瓜汁,含量較高。

All my clients have seen improvements in their diabetes management, many of which were told by their doctors, GP that their diabetic drugs can be cut down in their follow-up visits, including my father. It is truly a pleasure, as a Nutritionist myself, to see my clients, my family and friends around be nourished, healthy and well again!!

我所有客戶都在血糖管理方面獲得明顯的改善,其中很多更由醫生告知可以減少糖尿病藥物的依賴,包括我父親在內。 見到我的客戶,我的家人和朋友,通過營養和健康飲食獲得健康,是作為營養學家的我,是一種榮幸與欣慰!


Hartajanie L, Fatimah-Muis S, Heri-Nugroho Hs K, Riwanto I, Sulchan M. Probiotics Fermented Bitter Melon Juice as Promising Complementary Agent for Diabetes Type 2: Study on Animal Model. J Nutr Metab. 2020;2020:6369873. Published 2020 Feb 28. doi:10.1155/2020/6369873


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