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Enzyme Nutrition Detox and Rejuvenation Retreat

Are you feeling heavy and congested sometimes, both physically and mentally?

We design both 1-day or 3-day-2-night Enzyme Nutrition Detox and Rejuvenation Retreat to allow you to detox, cleanse down, and recharge, for your vitality and wellbeing. Through our specially formulated gourmet menu by our Nutritionist expert, you will be nourished by healthy but delicious gourmet food and drinks with a focus on enzyme nutrition. You will also get to make your own and take home Natural Plus handmade gourmet and skincare products, with a taste of harvesting your own ingredients from our eco-farm!

Located in Pui O on the Lantau island, you will find yourself immersed into a sanctuary. You can reclaim your lost 'me-time' coming by yourself, or relax together with your other half or close friends. 

Our next Retreat will be a 1-day Retreat and is scheduled on the 31st Oct 2021, admission is limited to a small group only. We look forward to giving you a very warm welcome onboard!


For enquiry and sign up, please call or whatsapp +852 9708 2233

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