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. . . the all-new DI Eames series about the police department with a female lead “No one captures the noir essence of L.A. with more authenticity than Shamus!” —Tess Gerritsen The 1940s. The dark-haired woman emerges from the shadows, plunging knife into the heart of a pompous, golden-haired man. The pair of killers looks like an angel and devil, but their eyes are not those of a romantic couple. They are the eyes of a man and a woman who understand each other well. The year is 1946, Los Angeles, California. Detective Charlie Eames and his partner Bones are known as the “Angel of Death” among the nation’s crime reporters and police officers. In all the long years of their friendship, they have never shared a single thought. When they join the L.A. police department at the same time, Charlie is the most senior of the two; Bones is an ex-FBI agent. Their life together becomes even more fraught when a “lady in distress” flees the scene of a crime, calling for help. Eames and Bones, in their own world, do not recognize the “lady in distress.” And she does not recognize them as the agency of their crime—a husband-and-wife team of serial killers. The old-fashioned Cat and Bones stories are a clever bit of wordplay and fun, but this is no time for a joke. When L.A.’s underworld masterminds—who are not exactly wholesome, honest citizens—kidnap the lady, there is only one option: a daring rescue attempt. After nearly five decades of friendship and working together, the two detectives are an unstoppable duo—and they understand each other perfectly. But now, the old and the new collide. The old and the new will collide. It’s a crime no one should survive… “One of the greatest crime writers of all time!” —John Connolly Meet the couple known to millions: Bones and Charlie. You may know them by their TV show or by their novels. If you know anything about them, you know that they are one of the most endearing couples in crime fiction. But do you know why they love each other so much? Here’s the history behind Bones and Charlie. When Bones says,




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Jeaniene Frost Up From The Grave Epub Download Forum

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