Snow Lotus Enzyme Drink

Snow Lotus Enzyme Drink


100% all natural sparkling Snow Lotus Enzyme Drink.

No added preservative.


Suitable for vegetarian/vegan.

Prepared by natural fermentation of fresh Snow Lotus. 

  • Storage and Usage

    Keep refrigerated at storage up to 20 days

    Do not shake when you open the full filled bottle to serve

    Serve at room temperature for best performanance of the enzymes

    After opening, consume within 24 hours for best dietary outcome

  • Nutrition benefits

    Snow Lotus is effective in treating Joint troubles namely Gout, Synovitis, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Scientific research has shown that snow lotus is able to lower cholesterol and diabetes levels, which hence lowering the risk of metabolic syndrome.

    This Snow Lotus Enzyme Drink formula is specially designed for heart health and for those who are managing their blood glucose level.