Rose, Red Dates and Ginger Enzyme Drink

Rose, Red Dates and Ginger Enzyme Drink


100% all natural sparkling Rose, Red Dates and Ginger Enzyme Drink.

No added preservative.


Suitable for vegetarian/vegan.

Prepared by natural fermentation of rose, red dates, ginger, apple and lemon.

  • Storage and Usage

    Keep refrigerated at storage up to 20 days

    Do not shake when you open the full filled bottle to serve

    Serve at room temperature for best performanance of the enzymes

    After opening, consume within 24 hours for best dietary outcome

  • Nutrition benefits

    Rose contains 17 different amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and multiple vitamins and minerals. The naturally occuring polyphenols in Rose are effective antioxidants against the free radicals that your skin is exposed to daily.

    Red Dates has been widely used in Chinese soup and medicinal recipes for thousands of years. It is not only rich in healthy antioxidants, it also packed with vitamin C. Three red dates meanwhile - which are said to be less sweet than a normal date - contain just 28 calories and 6g of sugar.

    Ginger has been well documented with its anticancer potential. The bioactive ingredients like gingerols, shogaol, and paradols are the valuable contributors on preventing various cancers. Ginger has also been shown to be effective against inflammation, osteoarthritis, and rheumatism.

    This Enzyme Drink formula is specially designed for easing discomfort of the menstrual cycle.