Rose and Bitter Melon Enzyme Soap

Rose and Bitter Melon Enzyme Soap


Handmade soap from fermented Rose and Bitter Melon with enzyme.

No added preservative.

Contains coconut oil, olive oil and palm oil.

Our handmade Rose and Bitter Melon Enzyme Soap leaves your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed, smooth and soft.

Suitable for all skin types.



  • Nutrition benefits

    Rose contains 17 different amino acids and multiple vitamins and minerals - an extremely nutritious food for your skin! The naturally occuring polyphenols in rose are effective antioxidants against the free radicals that your skin is exposed to daily.
    From the Chinese therapeutic perspective, Bitter Melon can eliminate 'heat' and reduce inflammation of our skin. It is antiseptic and initiate regeneration of skin cells.

  • Storage and Usage

    Store in a cool dry place up to 180days

    Lather in the bath or shower. Rinse well.