Red Cabbage Enzyme Drink

Red Cabbage Enzyme Drink


100% all natural sparkling Red Cabbage Enzyme Drink.

No added preservative.


Suitable for vegetarian/vegan.

Prepared by natural fermentation of fresh red cabbage, old yellow cucumber, carrots, celery and apple.

  • Storage and Usage

    Keep refrigerated at storage up to 20 days

    Do not shake when you open the full filled bottle to serve

    Serve at room temperature for best performanance of the enzymes

    After opening, consume within 24 hours for best dietary outcome

  • Nutrition benefits

    Red Cabbage contains the phytochemicals called Anthocyanins, which give the red and violet colour of the vegetable. It contains just 21 calories per 100g, and a good mix of essential vitamins and minerals, in particular folate which is essential for women.

    Studies have demonstrated the association between higher intake of anthocyanins and lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

    Old yellow cucumber is a native food ingredient to the Chinese for making soup. It contains high levels of dietary fibre for digestive health, and also pcaked with vitamins A and C. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) persepctive, it reduces the buildup of heat within the body.

    This Enzyme Drink formula is specially designed for lowering blood lipids, blood cholesterol and blood sugar, hence reducing the risk of hypertension, stoke and other cardiovascular diease risk.