Fresh Passion Fruit Leaf Pesto Sauce

Fresh Passion Fruit Leaf Pesto Sauce


Our farm-made pesto sauce is made from hand picked leaves of passion fruit vine and curry tree.

Together with other fresh spices and garlic,  our pesto sauce gives a distinctive freshness and luxurious all at once!

Serve with spaghetti or a slice of bread or toast. Or anything could benefits from a jolt of our fresh pesto sauce.

100% natural with no added preservatives.

Gluten-free Suitable for vegetarian/vegan

  • Storage and Usage

    Store in refrigerating condition under 4 degree Celcius.

    Shelf-life: 180 days

    Perfect to serve with pasta, bread and toast, or with salad dressing

  • Nutrition benefits

    Passion fruit leaves are rich in Vitamin A, C and several minerals, which are fundamental for our cardiovascular system, as well as our vision. 

    Curry leaves are rich in antioxidants, like polyphenols, flavonoids, which  are correlated with the reduction in heart diseases and enhancement in immunity.