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Your immunity could be your best vaccine! 您的免疫力可能是您最好的疫苗!

The word 'Vaccine' is definitely trending up these days! With the wave 4 coronavirus here with us in Hong Kong, together with the FDA and many other Governments approving COVID vaccine for emergency use, it is no doubt that we all place certain hope on these new vaccines. Could these new vaccines really free us from hiding ourselves behind our masks today?

“疫苗”一詞我們這幾天都聽到在耳邊! 隨著第四波冠狀病毒到來香港,再加上FDA和各國政府批准緊急使用COVID疫苗,毫無疑問,我們都對這些新疫苗寄予了一定的希望。 這些新疫苗真的能讓我們擺脫每天戴口罩嗎?

I'm no expert on the efficacy of these vaccination program to be implemented in a population. From a Nutritional Science perspective, , my view however is Our Immunity could be our Best Vaccine, if we eat it right!

對於在這些疫苗接種計劃的功效,我不是專家。 但是,從營養科學的角度來看,我的觀點是,如果我們吃的健康,我們的免疫力將是我們的最佳疫苗!

Boosting immunity does not mean by popping a few Vitamin C tablets every now and then. It's the variety and quality of nutrients in your everyday diet that matters. A balanced meal should include a portion of protein, dietary fibre, plenty of micronutrients from your greens and some good fats. At my lunch today, I have the freshest veggie just harvested from my own farm, a bowl of authentic Filipino style congee with fish meat topped with half an hard-boiled egg. Just perfectly balanced!! Simple yet delicious!!

增強免疫力並不是每天要您吃一粒維生素C片。 重點放於您日常飲食中營養素的種類和質量。 均衡飲食應包括蛋白質,膳食纖維,蔬菜中的微量營養素和一些良好的脂肪。 今天我的午餐包括從我自家農場裡收穫的新鮮素菜,一碗正宗的菲律賓風味的魚肉粥,上面再添半隻熟雞蛋。 完美的均衡飲食! 簡單而美味!

To assist with my gut absorption of these goodness in order to ensure my immunity is enhanced, I always have my fermented fruits and veg enzyme drinks before my meal.

The main role of enzymes in disease prevention (quoted from a report by Yoshio Morita, MD)

  1. Condition our body environment - this includes adjusting our body to weakly alkaline, removing waste from the body, maintaining a balance of the gut bacteria, strengthening body cells, promoting digestion, strengthening the body immunity, and maintaining overall balance in all aspects.

  2. Anti-inflammatory effect-Inflammation occurs when body cells are injured. To treat inflammation, enzymes transport white blood cells to fight with the bacteria at the injured area.

  3. Antibacterial effect-Enzymes can promote the anti-inflammatory function of white blood cells, and it itself also has the antibacterial effect to kill bacteria. On the other hand, it promotes cell regeneration.

  4. Decomposition-an important function of enzymes, it can remove waste accumulated in the inflamed area and in the blood vessels, in order to restore normal functions of the body cells. It can also help digest and absorb food.

  5. Purify the blood-excrete waste in the blood, decompose the bacteria that causes inflammation, decompose the cholesterol in the blood, maintain our body at weakly alkaline condition, and keep the blood circulation healthy.

  6. ​​Cell renewal function-can promote cell metabolism, enhance physical strength, and promote the regeneration of damaged cells. For any disease, one must rely on their own immunity to fight the battle. The antibiotics can help us kill the germs, but cannot help us to reproduce new cells.









Come and join me to boost your immune system, be your own best vaccine today!


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