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The Five Dietary Tips you need to know when you’re recovering from Covid 19 新冠康復營養飲食五大法則

After three months of battling with the Omicron, over a million Hong Kong-ers are infected. The fifth wave of SARS-CoV-2 arrogantly swept through and left the city with some significant damages made. Post Covid-19 condition, also known as “Long Covid” is a term used to describe the mid- and long-term symptoms that approximately 10-20% of the people experience after they have had Covid-19. The most common symptoms are fatigue, shortness of breath, cognitive dysfunction or “brain fog”, poor sleeping quality, persistent cough, muscle aches, loss of smell or taste etc.

經過了接近4個月與Omicron的戰鬥,已經超過1,000,000的香港人被感染。第五波新冠病毒Omicron肆無忌憚地席捲全香港,對我們這座城市造成數以百萬計的損害。新冠後遺症又稱為「長新冠」,世界衛生組織的數據指出,全球大概有10至20% 新冠康復者出現「長新冠」症狀。最常見的症狀是疲倦,氣促,腦霧,記性差,精神不集中,睡眠質素下降,長咳,肌肉痛,味覺減退等等。

To help yourself and your family fully recover and get back on track, here are Five Dietary Tips you need to know as you recover from Covid 19.


1. Higher Protein and Higher Energy Diet 高蛋白和高能量飲食

During infection, you lost your muscle mass as your immune system needs to break down protein in your muscle for the amino acids. These amino acids are essential for making the hormones and enzymes to carry out the immunological reactions and regeneration of body tissues. The UK National Health Services (NHS) advises three palm-size portions of high protein foods per day, during Covid recovery. Go for quality proteins such as lean poultry meat and fish to reduce the intake of saturated fat. Fish gives you an added benefit of omega-3 also!

經過一場的戰鬥,身體內的免疫士兵都需要補給。在這復原的時候,您特別需要蛋白質和高能量的飲食。在感染期間,您會失去肌肉量,因為您的免疫系統需要分解肌肉中的蛋白質以獲取氨基酸。 這些氨基酸能製造荷爾蒙和酶,以進行免疫反應,也是身體組織再生所必需的。

英國國民保健服務(NHS) 建議在新冠康復期間每天食用三份手掌大小的高蛋白食物。英國註冊營養學家Kennie建議選擇優質蛋白質,如瘦家禽肉和魚,以減少飽和脂肪的攝入。其中魚還為您提供豐富的歐米茄 3!

On the other hand, your body consumed a lot more energy to fight against the virus during the infection. Aim for a quarter of your plate in your main meals to include starchy carbohydrates. These can be your bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. Look for starchy carbs which are unrefined, with lower glycaemic index and higher dietary fibre content. For example, sweet potatoes, oat porridge, brown rice and brown bread with higher wholemeal content.


2. Consume more Probiotics-rich Fermented Foods and Drinks 多吃富含益生菌的發酵食物和飲品

The Chinese University Medicine published a new study earlier this year, they found that 80% of Covid patients with microbiome imbalances showed “long Covid” symptoms. In the last decade, many studies have found an association between poor gut health and impaired immunity, and there is increasingly more evidence nowadays.