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Don't obsess with your calories count! 不要再執迷於計算你的卡路里!

How many calories can I eat today?👉🏻👈🏻...A question I have from many clients. Our caloric needs are very different between individuals due to age, physical activity, metabolic rate, body build etc. Most women need between 1,600 to 2,400 kcal while men requires 2,000 to 2,400 kcal each day.

我今天可以吃多少卡路里?👉🏻👈🏻...不少客戶提出同樣的問題。 年齡,體力活動,新陳代謝率,身形等種種因素,令我們的熱量需求因人而異。大多數女性每天需要1,600至2,400大卡,而男性每天需要2,000至2,400大卡。

As we get so bogged down with our numbers, we're often forcing our sacred body into stress and more craving for foods. Not saying calories don't matter, but there's no need to obsess about them!

當我們為這些數字而執着,我們迫使自己身體承受無形的壓力,更加渴求食物。 不是說卡路里沒關係,但是沒有必要執迷它們!

A much better approach is to listen carefully when your body says your stomach is full. Take your time and eat slowwwlyyy-y-y, allow time for your gut to send the satiety signals to your brain. Choose the quality and natural food for yourself as we gradually cut down our food portions. This is only a respect to your sacred body!

更好的方法是仔細聆聽,聆聽在您的身體說您的胃已經滿足的時候。 慢慢吃,慢...慢...去吃,讓腸胃有時間將飽腹感信號發送到大腦。 隨著這個步伐去吃,我們會逐漸減少食物的攝入量,您應該選擇更優質和天然的食物。 這是對您神聖身體的一份尊重!

Some of my wholesome goodness suggestions are, for example swapping a bowl of your popcorns with sweet corns, your canned salmon with a fresh lightly grilled salmon steak, your pack potato crisps with some lightly salted roasted potatoes with rosemary. For more natural food ideas, please visit our website or contact us to book a free session with our Nutritionist.

我的營養健康小貼士,例如,一碗爆米花可以換成甜玉米,罐頭三文魚可以換成新鮮的輕烤三文魚排,薯片換成烤薯角,配上少少岩鹽和迷迭香。 有關更多天然食品的想法,請到我們的網站或與我們聯繫,預約我們的營養師免費諮詢。

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