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A Crystal Soap? 水晶手工皂?

Do you see the ✨glittering✨ crystals❄ on our Handmade Enzyme Soap? Aren't they beautiful😍?!! These unique ❄crystals❄ come from the 🍋active enzymes🍎 inside our Handmade Enzyme Soap!! Our Handmade Enzyme Soap are added with fermented fruits and vegetables 🍎🍋, which leaves your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed🌊, smooth and hydrated💧. Suitable for all skin types.

你們見到這些✨閃亮亮✨的❄水晶❄嗎?係咪好靚呢😍?這些獨特的❄水晶❄,原來是由於🍋酵素🍎的活性所帶來的! Natural Plus 的手工酵素皂🧼,採用了天然蔬果🍎🍋發酵製成,讓你的肌膚感覺🌊清潔乾爽🌊,💧光滑水潤💧。適合所有肌膚類型。


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