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為什麼我仍然不變瘦? Why I'm not losing weight still?


有看我網誌的朋友,應該記得我寫的一篇 < 瘦身的三個成功關鍵 The 3 Keys to the Dream Body that you should know >

1) 耐心

2) 正確的方法

3) 毅力


因為酵素喝完排空了宿便,腸道變得通暢,有些人就感覺食慾變好了,不知不覺中吃得也多起來。另外有一些,"我都喝酵素了,不能虧待自己…吃點也沒事!" 說中了? 這都是 “酵素調理期” 的陷阱。正確的方法是保持健康的腸道,即是保持腸道益生菌的平衡,利用酵素和不斷保充足夠(最少8杯水)的水份,去協助身體改善代謝能力,不要比平常多吃,也不能因為酵素而肆無忌憚的亂吃加工食品,只會弄巧反拙啊!

Why I'm not losing weight still, after started drinking enzymes?

Friends who read my blog should remember the article I wrote earlier < 瘦身的三個成功關鍵 The 3 Keys to the Dream Body that you should know >

1) Patience

2) The Right Approach

3) Perseverance

Fermented Fruit and Veg Enzyme Drink is neither a weight-loss pill nor a laxative. It regulates the metabolism of your stomach and spleen, and enhances the activity of probiotics in your gut, therefore fats and toxins can be effectively metabolized and passed out of your body to achieve weight loss. Enzyme Drinks are NOT equal to weight-loss pills. It takes time to slowly adjust our body regulatory system. Please be Patience and Perseverance. Body weight is not your measurement of success for weight loss. Your target should be on your body fat ratio, and stick to The Right Approach to increase your metabolic rate to burn actual body fat.

As the Enzyme Drinks help clear out and detox your gut, some people felt their appetite improved, and they ate more unknowingly. There are others saying, "I started Enzyme Drinks, so I can spoil's okay to enjoy the indulgence!" Sounds familiar? These are all the common traps in our "Enzyme Diet Adjusting Period". The Right Approach is to maintain a healthy gut, i.e. to maintain a good balance of your gut microbiome. By drinking Enzyme Drinks, plus maintaining plenty of water content (at least 8 cups of water) in your body to improve your metabolic capacity. Avoid eating more than usual! It is suicidal to your weight loss goal if you think you can eat processed foods unscrupulously by starting your Enzyme Diet!


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