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今個秋冬開始,5:2 輕鬆瘦身,健康養生! Start your 5:2 Intermittent Diet now!

Updated: Nov 9, 2020



之前我分享過5:2輕斷食可以讓我們的腸道有休息的時間,並啟動身體燃燒儲存的脂肪。一週2天執行輕斷食,餘下5天正常飲食。想一想,大家工作五天,星期六日也有休息的日子,但我們的腸胃就為我們每星期七天不停地工作!5:2輕斷食是由英國醫學專家Dr Michael Mosley所研發和提倡的,他的宗旨是讓我們能夠享受美食之餘,也能吃出健康!正正與我的理念相投! 其實,多份科學文獻和營養雜誌指出輕斷食不但可促進體重減輕,也相信可以減低心臟病,糖尿病,高血壓,高血脂和其他炎症的風險。

As the weather is getting chilly, have you noticed that even if you eat as usual, your body will still gain a few pounds, without you knowing it sometimes?

In fact, since ancient times, bodies of our ancestors are evolved to store fat in preparation for winter to come. Nowadays, as winter pulls in, we tend to snuggle at home with our indulgent hot chocolate, and we move less. We might not have noticed our bodies have gained weight, as we tuck ourselves under the thick layers. Until when spring returns, only to find our beautiful dresses and hot pants fit in no more!

In last month, I shared about the 5:2 intermittent Fasting (IF), it allows our gut to rest for 2 days from fasting and triggers our metabolism to burn stored fat in our body. The remaining 5 days in the week, we can eat normally. Think about it – we all work 5 days a week, and enjoy our 2 days off at the weekend, but our gut works 7 days a week?? The 5:2 IF is developed and advocated by Dr Michael Mosley, a British medical expert. His dietary concept is to allow us to enjoy the food we like and eat healthy at the same time! Exactly matches with my nutritional philosophy! In fact, many scientific literatures and nutrition review journals pointed out that IF not only promotes weight loss, but also believes that it can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and other inflammations.


During the 2 days fasting, we need to restrict our energy intake but also importantly, replenish the essential nutrients that our bodies need. Using Fermented Fruit and Vegetable Enzyme Drinks and pairing with my in-house specially designed nutritional meals replacement allows me to maintain a healthy weight, totally hassle-free! My Enzyme Drinks are freshly fermented from fruits and vegetables, which contain a wealth of probiotics, organic acids, a variety of beneficial enzymes and nutrients essential for our bodies.



The in-house nutritional meal replacement is made from more than 80 different natural and vegan ingredients, including whole grains, nuts and seeds, beans, edible herbs and other vegetables, etc.

If you want to usher in a healthy and beautiful spring and summer after this winter, follow me to practice a 5:2 IF with an Enzyme Nutritional Diet approach!


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