Plan 201 - Detox and Weight-loss 3-month Plan

The plans included: 

1. Different freshly Fermented Fruit & Veg Enzyme Drink every day

    → 500ml of Fermented Fruit & Veg Enzyme Drink every day

    → More than 10 different taste offerings tailor-made for your diet

2. Specially designed Nutritious Meal Replacement

     → 3 packs of Nutrient-dense Meal Replacement each day, two days a week, starting from Week 3, for a 5:2 intermittent diet

     → Meal Replacement packs are made from natural vegan ingredients, which include whole grains, nuts and seeds, legumes, edible herbs and other vegetables

3. Hot Healing Ginger Spa treatment

     → Hot Healing Ginger Spa treatment for a full body detox, twice a month

4. FREE professional consultation by our Nutritionist

5. FREE delivery of our fresh products to your doorstep

Only HKD $108 per day