Portuguese Salted Cod Fish Cakes 

Our Salted Cod Fish Cake is made from salted bacalhau fish from Portugal, combining with the freshness of hand cut potatoes. A taste of European and freshness!

Piri Piri Chicken Drumsticks

Piri piri chicken is one of our signatures! Our homemade Portuguese hot chilli sauce infused with the juicy meat of drumsticks. Exciting but delicious!!

Handcut Fries 

Our Skinny Fries are handcut from fresh potatoes, and fried twice to give the crispness everybody loves!

Chouriço Nacho 

Best Nachos ever! With our Portuguese Chorizo and black olive, We have enhanced your experience of Nachos to the next level!

Prawn cocktail with aioli

Prawns are a good sauce of protein while they are low in calories. 100g of prawns already contain approximate same amount of protein as Chicken and Beef!

Sandwiches & Wraps

Macanese Homemade Pork Chop Sandwich

You may have tried the popular pork chop bun from Macau, but our recipe brings you the taste of home from Macau!

Chouriço Burrito

Wrapped together with our Portuguese chourizo, you will find scrambled egg, cheese and red onion in our burrito!

Homemade Enzyme Steamed Bun Sandwich

Our Enzyme Buns are fermented with our natural vegetable enzyme extract, not commercial yeast. Together with vegan meat, this homemade dish also contains carrots, onion and lettuce. A perfect example when ‘Delicious meets Nutritious’!


Portuguese Watercress Soup

Harvested from our own Watercress farm, this soup provides not only the taste of freshness from farm, but also the goodness of essential nutrients such as Vitamin K and other antioxidants.


The Natural Plus Superbowl

Our signature Superbowl is made with the freshest harvest from our own farm. Packed with the goodness of antioxidants and phytonutrients, super nutritious and refreshing!!

Mango Shrimp Salad

The sweetness of Mango together with the freshness of prawns, matches perfectly with our home-farmed salad leaves! What takes to the next level - our homemade fish soy sauce salad dressing will surely kick off your taste bud!